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LACMA presents Christine Corday: Protoist Series, Selected Forms, the first solo presentation by the artist in a U.S. museum. The term “protoist,” coined by Corday, describes forms in and out of a solid state and is the title of a series of works in which she aims to suspend the moment between sensory perception and definition. The series’ large-scale torch-cut works focus on temperature, solid states of metals, and the sensory effect of touch with abstract form. 

Each piece in the Protoist Series, including the two artworks featured in the exhibition, UNE and KNOUN, are meant to engender direct physical contact, not only to be touched but to be worn down over time by the tide of human interaction. As a result, the works exist as recording devices; every handprint that touches them will appear over time as rust, mapping an intimately individual yet shared public surface. The forms are on view for limited durations in commonplace locations—an abandoned interior, an urban alley, a piazza—that are selected to motivate the unexpected encounter.

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