Reading Room

The Reading Room is a special corner of dedicated to catalogues and brochures of exhibitions past. These are out-of-print, hard-to-find publications available here in full for free. From a unique set of publications focused on the Southern California art scene to rare books about German Expressionism, modern art, Southeast Asian art, and more, the catalogues and brochures here reflect the depth and breadth of LACMA’s collection and exhibition history. We continue to add new publications on an ongoing basis.

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Elisabeth Cameron, Nancy Thomas, Liz Caffry, Education Department
John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain project for Art and Technology from the Modern Art Department Art and Technology Records.

Maurice Tuchman

Paperback, 8 1/2 x 12 in., 162 pp., 344 b&w, 16 color illus.

Education Department
James Monte

Paperback, 10 7/8 x 8 7/8 in., n.p. [64 pp.], 41 b&w, 10 color illus.

Maurice Tuchman

Paperback, 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 in., 152 pp., 97 b&w, 19 color illus.

Jeanne D'Andrea

Paperback, 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 in., [28] pp., 31 b&w illus.