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Curriculum materials are based on LACMA's collection and special exhibitions and were developed in alignment with California State Content Standards.

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Grade-Level Curricula

LACMA Visit Resources Guides

Evenings for Educators Resources

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Mobile Classroom Curriculum

Grade Level Curricula

Grade-Level Curricula (PDFs)

Curriculum materials presenting works of art from LACMA's collection designed to support class classroom activities and supplement class study of LACMA's work.

Kindergarten (809kb)
1st Grade (796kb)
2nd Grade (744kb)
3rd Grade (1.6mb)
4th Grade (999kb)
5th Grade (1.04mb)
6th Grade (1.29mb)
7th Grade (110mb)
8th Grade (789kb)

LACMA Visit Resources Guides

LACMA Visit Resource Guides (PDFs)

Guides containing information and activities to help prepare for student visits to LACMA.

Seeing Matters: Critical thinking through Art (395kb)
Art of the Americas (320kb)
Heros & Legends, Gods & Myths (744kb)
Art & Creative Writing (1.6mb)
Continuity and Change: Art in the 20th Century and Beyond (999kb)
Art of Many Cultures (1.04mb)
Artist as Social Conscience (1.29mb)

Evenings for Educators Resources

The Eternal City: Rome’s Artistic Legacy

City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan

Crossing Borders

Empathy through Art

Chagall: Fantasies for the Stage

Essay PDF
Activities PDF
Resources PDF

Art and Social Justice

Essay (PDF)
Activities (PDF) 

Picasso and Rivera

Essay (PDF)
Activities (PDF) 

Guillermo del Toro

Resources (PDF)
Essays (PDF)
Lesson Plans (PDF)

Arts of Buddhism

Lesson Plans (PDF)
Resources (PDF)
Essays (PDF)


Creativity in (and out of) the Classroom

Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear 1715-2015

Unflinching Realism: German Art Between the Wars

Nature and the American Vision: The Hudson River School

Art in the Twenty-First Century

Calder and Abstraction

The Art of an African Kingdom: Luba Masterworks from Central Africa

Art & English Language Development

Essay PDF
Lesson Plans PDF



Light, Perception, and Photography

Drawing is Seeing

Image and Illusion

STEAM: Art, Math, and Technology

American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life

Renoir After Impressionism

Defining Decorative, Examining Design

Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples

Essay PDF

Artists' Perspectives: Envisioning the World

What Makes Modern Art Modern?

Olmec: Masterworks of Ancient Mexico

Art and the Environment

Cross-Cultural Exchange

Geometry and Art

Tim Burton: The Artist's Process

Los Angeles: History, Diversity, Design

Surrealism and Women Artists

Ancient Mexico: The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent

Art and Architecture

Essay PDF
Lesson Plans PDF

Special Programs Resources

Special Programs

Mobile Classroom Curriculum

Mobile Classroom Curriculum