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LACMA-ASU Master's Fellowship in Art History

LACMA and ASU recognize that, while graduate training in art history remains a requirement in the museum field, it is one of the most significant barriers to equitable advancement as employees must choose between continuing to work and graduate training.  Launched in 2018, the LACMA-ASU Master's Fellowship in Art History was designed to address this issue.

The LACMA-ASU Master's Fellowship in Art History is a three-year program, pairing rigorous academic instruction through traditional master’s-level coursework and thesis with on-the-job work experience. Fellows, who are current LACMA or ASU Art Museum employees, will enroll in two courses per semester remotely, and fulfill language, professional development, and research requirements during the summer, while continuing in their current role at the museum. Fellows completing the program receive a master’s degree in Art History from ASU.


The program recruits current employees who are interested in obtaining a Master's degree in Art History while continuing to work at the museum, and who have a specific interest in making museums more inclusive and equitable.     

Museum Work 

Fellows remain employed by their home institution throughout the fellowship.  Museums support the Fellows during this period by giving Fellows flexibility to attend courses during work day and providing funding and time to participate in travel required as part of the fellowship.


Fellows enroll in two graduate level courses each semester, completing their degrees in three years.  In addition, Fellows must complete language and Master's thesis requirements.  Students participate in graduate-level seminars taking place in either Los Angeles or Arizona “live” via Zoom video-conference software. 

Professional Development and Mentoring 

Fellows are expected to travel* to 1-2 convenings at either ASU or LACMA each semester and participate in convenings focused on current issues in museum practice and institutional leadership.  Fellows also participate in a customized externship at the end of their second year. In addition to coursework, an outside museum professional is provided as a mentor to each fellow to provide individual counsel on their graduate study, thesis and externship design, and ongoing career trajectory. 

(*travel has been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19)