Leo Limón

Leo Limón is a visual artist and community activist, and was involved with Mechicano Art Center, Plaza de la Raza, Centro de Arte Público, and Self Help Graphics. This account of Almaraz’s influence on his artistic practice is excerpted from an interview with Marielos Kluck, and has been edited and condensed for clarity.

When I met Carlos at the Mechicano Art Center, I had my sketchbook with me. He was already a veteran of many years of the craft of drawing, he had a sketchbook also and he and I were the only guys drawing at the meetings we would go to. I was fascinated by what he was drawing it was definitely an influence when I was at the Mechicano. … [At the house he shared with Frank Romero,] I saw some of Carlos’s paintings. One of the first that really caught my eye walking up the staircase was this large painting of him sitting on a chair and the devil sitting on his lap.… Ultimately I was more than influenced by [Carlos and Frank]; they became part of my heart and soul. It started in high school for me, all my life experience and Carlos and Los Four and the Mechicano Art Center and the Centro de Arte Público and definitely Self Help Graphics—so many artists, so many memories.


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