Do Ho Suh: 348 West 22nd Street

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) presents Do Ho Suh: 348 West 22nd Street showcasing a recent anonymous gift to the museum. 348 West 22nd Street, Apartment A, Unit-2, Staircase (2011–15) replicates the artist’s ground-floor residence from a New York City building; created in luminous swaths of translucent polyester, the rooms and hallways are supported by stainless-steel. In this immersive passageway of conjoined rooms, visitors pass through an ephemeral representation of the artist’s personal history. The corridor, stairs, apartment, and studio are each rendered in a single block of color, with fixtures and appliances replicated in exacting detail. Fusing traditional Korean sewing techniques with digital modeling tools, the maze-like installation of 348 West 22nd Street balances intricate construction with delicate monumentality. The installation is curated by Meghan Doherty, Curatorial Assistant, Contemporary Art at LACMA.

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