The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art

(Los Angeles, CA – July 14, 2022) The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) presents The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art, an exhibition that explores the development of modern art in Korea driven by artists’ encounters with, and reinterpretations of, the foreign influences that came along to shape it. Covering the years 1897 to 1965, the exhibition spans the arc of European-influenced art via Japan in the Korean Empire (1897–1910) and colonial period (1910–45), explores American influences absorbed and experimented with during and after the Korean War (1950–53), and provides a glimpse into the beginning of the contemporary. The first exhibition of its kind in the West, The Space Between features over 130 artworks by 88 artists that reflect the incorporation of foreign-introduced new media, including oils, photography, and sculpture.

Curated by Dr. Virginia Moon, associate curator of Korean Art, The Space Between is the second in a series of exhibitions as part of The Hyundai Project: Korean Art Scholarship Initiative, a global exploration of traditional and contemporary Korean art through research, publications, and exhibitions.