Music Inspired by Art

Explore a collection of music inspired by various artworks and exhibitions from LACMA's history. Contributing artists include Daedelus, Turquoise Wisdom, and Puro Instinct.

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Daedelus presents ”Toil & Trouble,” inspired by LACMA’s Tim Burton exhibition (a dublab mix)

"Toil & Trouble," as inspired by the phenomenal Tim Burton Retrospective at LACMA thru Halloween; is an attempt to evoke some of the very disparate forces at play and playful in Mr. Burton's oeuvre. Here is a gentleman that has crossed every creative boundary with iconic style, so a daunting task indeed to try and reveal his unique spirit in song, but with much joy in my attempt. Deciding to have this mix be a sort of counter-soundtrack for the installation, as well a meditation on his considerable style. You'll find ancient and classic tracks with some modern musics from the likes of Shlohmo, Airhead, Flying Lotus with MatthewDavid, and much much more. I do so hope you enjoy, or at least revel in the airs solely Tim Burton." - Daedelus



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Puro Instinct mixtape for Charlie White's LACMA installation The Sun and Other Stars (a dublab mix)

Piper and Skylar, the sisters behind Puro Instinct, created a mixtape custom made for the pink blast of the 'tween scene presented in Charlie White’s exhibition “The Sun and Other Stars.” Their installation was featured in the gallery as a mixtape cassette playing on a boom box. It perfectly reflected the teenage bedroom obsessions represented in Charlie’s photographs.



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Turquoise Wisdom's sound collage inspired by LACMA’s German Expressionism collection (a dublab mix)

For the dublab curated “Listen to Art” happening at LACMA in 2012, Turquoise Wisdom created a sound collage using recordings selected by Stefan Kloo from the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles Media Lounge to complement the pieces in LACMA’s German Expressionism Collection. We hope you enjoy this moody reflection of an incredible art exhibition. Continue your German music explorations by visiting the Goethe-Insititut Los Angeles.



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Silent Servant's score for “Film Still from Five Dances and Nine Wall Carpets" (a dublab commission)

dublab commissioned Los Angeles based producer Silent Servant to compose music in response to Noa Eshkol's “Film Still from Five Dances and Nine Wall Carpets.” This work was part of Sharon Lockhart's meditation on Eshkol's work that materialized in an exhibition at LACMA.



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