Legacies of Exchange: Chinese Contemporary Art from the Yuz Foundation

Exhibition Soundtrack

This exhibition soundtrack, created by Mark “Frosty” McNeill of dublab in collaboration with LACMA curator Susanna Ferrell, offers a glimpse into the continuum of cultural exchange between China and the West—a feedback loop marked by themes of authenticity, contemporary commerce, and a history of colonialism.  

A wide spectrum of Chinese music shares this sonic frame: contemporary tracks, vintage covers of Western pop tunes, and experimental interpretations of classical compositions. The soundtrack serves as an exhibition companion and launchpad for continued reflection on China’s role as a global, artistic entity


Headphones Icon

When listening inside the exhibition, please be considerate of others and use headphones.

Yu Su - Xiu

VaVa - Paper Passion

Sally Yeh - 200度

South Acid Mimi - 愛即痛

Backspace -彩虹兔

Run Run Run - 引

Ai Weiwei - Hotel Usa

Gong Gong Gong 工工工 - Wei Wei Wei 喂喂喂


33EMYBW - Ship of Theseus

YoungQueenz - 神的森林

黃齡 - 醉

Daedelus - Tidal Waves Uprising

Yusef Lateef - Ching Miau - Rudy Van Gelder Remaster

Sleeping Dogs - Caladog Pt. I

Wu Na - What Is Singing II

Hiperson - Happy Times Always Pass Fast

Wang WenYing - 王贝贝的派对

Faye Wong - 分裂