Enrollment Procedures for Art Camp

  • Enrollment for virtual Summer Art Camp begins on April 14, 2021, at 12  pm. 

  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited; camp does sell out.

  • Virtual Art Camp is designed for children ages 6 and older. Children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision. 

  • Registration is only available online.

  • Payment is required upon registration.

  • For technical help, please contact the Ticket Office at ticketoffice@lacma.org or 323 857-6010.


  • Virtual Art Camp dates and hours vary.

  • Students may join camp wherever they have internet access through a computer or tablet (not provided). 

  • Includes 120-minute instruction per day and one art kit per child.

  • Curbside pickup of art materials will be available on scheduled dates. To have art materials delivered, there is an additional fee. See below. 

  • Please contact the Art Camp Coordinator at ArtClasses@lacma.org for more information.

Cancellation Policy

A refund equal to half of tuition paid will be granted for cancellations made two weeks before camp start date. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than two weeks prior to camp start date. Please notify us immediately of any cancellations so that a child on our waitlist can attend camp. Full refunds will only be granted if the program is canceled.

Camp Art Materials: Curbside and Delivery Service

Please note, in order for campers to receive materials in a timely manner, registration for each week of camp will close the Monday prior to camp start date for shipping and pick-up orders. To receive your materials:

  • Pick up in person at LACMA* 
  • Have art materials shipped for an additional $25 per week, per camper** 
* Materials can be picked up from LACMA. These orders must be made no later than the Monday prior to the first day of each week’s camp. 
** We use USPS Priority 2-Day Flat-Rate Large Box Shipping. Orders for shipping are only available to the contiguous 48 states and must be placed at least one week prior to the start of your registered week of camp to accommodate processing times (i.e. materials must be shipped no later than five days prior to the first day of class).


Tuition for Virtual Art Camp:

Virtual Summer Art Camp

NexGenLA members $190; General public $200 (per week, per child)
Tuition includes materials

We are preparing safe, creative, and fun workshops inspired by LACMA’s collection and led by a team of creative museum educators and artists. Campers will experiment with materials and learn art techniques in a video chat studio with other kids. The week culminates with a virtual art show!

Summer Art Camp

Virtual Art Spaces: Art Camps 

Join imaginative and fun virtual camps during summer break. Art materials will be provided! Open enrollment begins on April 14, at noon PST.  (Refresh your browser at noon.) Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact ArtClasses@lacma.org or visit lacma.org for more information. All Art Camps will take place online via Zoom.

NexGenLA members $190; General public $200 (per week, per child)
Tuition includes materials. Curbside pickup available. Additional fee for shipping.

Children Ages 6 to 8

Monday–Friday: June 14–18 | 10 am–12 pm
Ages 6–8: Paper, Cardboard, and Scissors!

Create paper gardens and 3D work out of cereal boxes and other recyclable materials! Build sculptures, design pop-up cards and books, and cast cardboard shapes using molds! Taught by artist Patricia Yossen.



Monday–Friday, June 21–25 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 6–8: Color and Sound

Explore how artists use color, shape, and line to represent mood, emotion, music and movement in works of art. Create your own colorful paintings, textured collages, and moving sculptures! Taught by artist Billie Rae Vinson.



Monday–Friday, July 12–16 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 6–8: Where in the World?! 

Travel through LACMA's collection and see art from around the world, even in our own "backyard," Los Angeles! Paint with watercolors, design and build paper "furniture," and use lines and shapes to make your own original patterns. With artist Peggy Hasegawa.

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Monday–Friday, July 19–23 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 6–8: Build, Weave & Collage!

Paint with yarn! Turn found objects into characters! Weave and collage! LACMA's collection and your ingenuity will inspire your fantastic 2D and 3D designs. With artist Katie Lipsitt.

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Monday–Friday, July 26–30 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 6–8: Cityscapes, Landscapes, and Everything in Between

Students will explore artworks from LACMA’s permanent collection that represent many different environments. They will create a self-portrait that travels through these environments. They will see animals, look at skies and oceans, visit cities, gardens and forests. Students will visit these amazing places using bookmaking, drawn cutouts, dioramas, painting, and sculptures. With artist Eszter Delgado. 

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Monday–Friday, August 2–6 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 6–8: Shadow Art, Colorful Critters

Create colorful critter sculpture puppets that cast cool shadows! Spend a week playing with light, learning about unicorns in art, and building unique shadow art environments for your own critters. With artist Julianna Ostrovsky.

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Monday–Friday, August 2–6 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 6–8: Adventures in Modern Art

Study how modern artists use colors and shapes and everyday objects to create art.   Using colored papers, watercolors, and Model Magic, young artists will create their own collages, build sculptures, and re-imagine everyday objects. With artist Peggy Hasegawa. 



Children Ages 9 to 12

Monday–Friday, June 14–18 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12:  Art & Dreams

Combine drawing, painting, and collage to create powerful mixed media works of art! Your dreams and amazing art from LACMA’s collection will provide inspiration. Beginners are welcome! Taught in Spanish and English with artist Sofia Mas. 



Monday–Friday, June 21–25 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12: Art-Making Exploration!

Experiment with art materials in unusual ways to achieve very cool and creative effects. Paint and draw with tape, make prints with foil, and re-use found images to tell new stories. Artists in LACMA’s collection from around the world will inspire the artist within you. With artist Jesus Mascorro.

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Monday–Friday, June 28–July 2 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12: Myths, Magic, and Surrealism

Strange and magical art from LACMA's collection will intrigue you! Meet mythological creatures and learn how surrealist artists were inspired by their dreams. Create your own strange and surreal artworks using painting, collage, and sculpture. Taught by artist Billie Rae Vinson.



Monday–Friday, June 28–July 2 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12: Focus on Painting

View art from LACMA’s collection to discover how great artists use color, composition, and brushwork to make a painting. Learn about portrait, still life, landscape, and abstract painting, and create whatever you want. In your home tabletop studio, learn basic drawing and painting skills while experimenting with acrylic paint and drawing tools. All skill levels are welcome in this fun and lively class! With artist Rosanne Kleinerman. 



Monday–Friday, July 12–16 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12: Comic Art

Comic books, graphic novels, and the museum’s collection will spark inspiration and discussion, as you learn the art of visual storytelling. Discover what makes a compelling character, plot, setting, scale, and composition as you go through the process of storyboarding, pencilling, and inking handmade comics. We know you’ve got a great story to tell! With artist Jenny Ziomek.



Monday–Friday, July 19–23 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12: Artists and Engineers

Go on a fun scavenger hunt, design pop-up collages, and build amazing sculptures out of paper! Discover how artists can also be engineers as you investigate innovative works of art from LACMA’s collection. Using basic art materials, the occasional household item, and your ingenuity, prepare to be surprised at what we can creatively engineer together. With artist Shannon Green.



Monday–Friday, July  26–30 | 10 am–12 pm
Kids Ages 9–12: Painting with Electric Circuits

Learn how to create electric circuits that will light up your paintings! We will create small watercolor, collage, and acrylic paintings that incorporate colorful LED lights. By using simple materials like copper tape and small batteries students will learn the basics of building a conductive circuit. We will also explore different abstract and formal artmaking techniques. With artist Brandon Barr. 



Pre-registration is required. Contact ArtClasses@lacma.org or visit lacma.org for more information. All Art Camps will take place online via Zoom.

Procedimientos de inscripción para el Campamento de Art

  • La inscripción se realiza por orden de llegada. El espacio es limitado; los puestos se agotan.
  • El Campamento de Arte está diseñado para niños de 6 años en adelante. Los niños menores de 12 años deben contar con la supervisión de un adulto.
  • La inscripción sólo es posible en línea.
  • El pago se requiere en el momento de la inscripción.
  • Si necesita ayuda técnica, por favor contacte a la Oficina de Boletos enviando un mensaje a @email o llamando al 323 857-6010.


  • El Campamento de Arte es de lunes a viernes.  El horario puede variar.
  • Los estudiantes pueden ingresar al campamento desde donde tengan acceso a internet usando una tableta, un ordenador portátil o un teléfono inteligente (éstos no se suministran)
  • Incluye 90 minutos diarios de instrucción durante cinco días consecutivos y un kit de arte por cada niño
  • Los kits de arte se podrán recoger en la acera en las fechas programadas
  • Para más información, por favor llamar al coordinador del Campamento de Arte al @email.

Normas de cancelación

Un reembolso equivalente a la mitad del valor pagado por la matrícula será otorgado a las cancelaciones hechas dos semanas antes de la fecha de inicio del campamento. No habrá reembolsos para las cancelaciones hechas menos de dos semanas antes de la fecha de inicio del campamento. Si desea cancelar, por favor notifíquenos de inmediato para que un niño de la lista de espera pueda participar en el campamento. Se otorgará un reembolso total únicamente si el programa se cancela.

Matrícula para el Campamento de Arte Virtual:

Miembros de NexGenLA $190; público en general $200 (por semana/por niño)

Estamos preparando talleres de arte seguros, creativos y divertidos inspirados en la colección del LACMA y bajo la dirección de un equipo de creativos docentes del museo y artistas. Los participantes en el campamento experimentarán con materiales y aprenderán técnicas de arte en un estudio de video-chat junto con otros niños. ¡La sesión culminará con una exposición de arte virtual!

Niños de 10 a 13 años

Del 21 al 24 de Diciembre | 10 a–12 pm
Monstruos Misticos | ¡Nuevo! ¡Dictado en español e inglés! – Agotado

Estudia monstruos miticos y criaturas compuestas de la colección de arte de LACMA para crear tus propias obras divertidas pero espeluznantes y aterradoras. Aprenda tecnicas para trabajar con rotuladores, pasteles al óleo, acuarelas y arcilla secada al aire. Con la artista docente Sofia Mas. Esta clase se llevará a cabo en línea a través de zoom.


Miembros de NexGenLA $190; público en general $200 (por semana/por niño

Todos los Eventos del Campamento de Arte