LACMA’s Acquisitions Group and Art Council members share a deep affinity for the arts and a sense of inspiration and personal fulfillment through their philanthropic support of specific curatorial departments at LACMA. Members enjoy connecting with curatorial staff and like-minded art enthusiasts through a variety of stimulating, thoughtful, and entertaining programs.

Photo © Museum Associates/ LACMA, by Stefanie Keenan

LACMA’s art councils have a long and important history of supporting art acquisitions, programs, and special projects and priorities for the museum’s curatorial departments. Each council directly supports one or more curatorial departments within the museum, and in appreciation, council members are welcomed to programs that offer in-depth experiences related to their chosen area(s).

Joining an art council offers the opportunity to build camaraderie with like-minded peers and share experiences in pursuit of connoisseurship, including exhibition walkthroughs, curator conversations, behind-the-scenes experiences, gallery conversations, and other programs linked to the department.

Annual dues: $1,000

A Friend-level museum membership ($300) or above is required to join Art Councils at LACMA.

More info: 323 857-6558 | @email

LACMA's Acquisitions Groups are essential to sustaining the museum's reputation as a world-class arts institution. Over the course of the museum's 50 years, these groups have acquired or helped acquire nearly 400 works of art for the museum, including some of its most iconic masterpieces.

Held in public trust for future generations, the museum’s collection attracts international visitors and local audiences alike, ensuring that all can enjoy lifelong relationships with works of art.

A Friend-level museum membership ($300) or above is required to join; a Curator’s Circle membership is recommended.

More info

@email | 323 857-6558