Exit Points
Sarah Rosalena Brady

Sarah Rosalena Brady is working with machine learning, coded language, and the loom to develop a performance of technological reformation based upon feminist and decolonial principles. Within this framework, the artist continues to research an indigenous design called a spirit line, a pathway designed to materialize and release weavers from the objects they create. Each woven form speculates possible narratives using the body and machine as memory. Rosalena's project is titled Exit Points


© Sarah Rosalena Brady
© Sarah Rosalena Brady


About the Artist

Sarah Rosalena is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Los Angeles. Her work creates hybrids between binaries and power structures as a multiracial First Nations and Mexican American. Hybrids function between life/nonlife, human/posthuman, ancient/modern, and biological/technological to reauthorize power in materialism. Her material processes employ machine learning, robotics, creative code, digital fabrication, ceramics, metal, weaving, and woodworking. They function as grounds for forging new power, allowing for new opportunities towards speculations about matter and digital destiny.

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