Reinventing the Spindle
Ebru Kurbak

Ebru Kurbak is performing microgravity and low-gravity investigations of textile production, using these experiments as a basis for greater conversation around the ramifications of space colonization. Kurbak’s project is called Reinventing the Spindle

Reinventing the Spindle © Ebru Kurbak
Reinventing the Spindle © Ebru Kurbak


About the Artist

Ebru Kurbak is an artist and designer. She is driven by her interest in the hidden political nature of everyday spaces, technologies, and routines, and how the design of the ordinary is involved in shaping values, practices, and ideologies. Most recently, she worked at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna as Project Leader (PI) of the arts-based research project Stitching Worlds.

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