Daniel R. Small

Daniel R. Small creates and directs an episodic documentary series based on diverse sets of research from a wide range of experts in fields such as philosophy, zoology, astrophysics, planetary science, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, among other fields. The aim of the series is to locate these research groupings as being in direct conversation with the inquiries of contemporary artists and the ways that the term “artist” has become a catch-all for generating ideas in fields such as philosophy, archaeology, cultural anthropology, law, biology, technology, and various other disciplines. Through analyzing case studies involving the evolution of humans, the natural world, and the amplification of technologies, the series will form an epistemology of the present that models generative bodies of evidence. Small’s project is titled Techne.

Daniel R. Small, California City suburban grid layout, Image: Steven Heuer, Copyright Techne√
Daniel R. Small, California City suburban grid layout, Image: Steven Heuer, Copyright Techne


About the Artist

Daniel R. Small is an American contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is also active as a filmmaker, anthropologist, educator, and author. His work engages with speculative pasts and futures through interventions in sites, narratives, and technologies, by considering material histories, exchanges, and relationships. He has also engaged with organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Forensic Architecture, UNESCO, and others, working alongside these institutions to set up various thought experiments or interventions within pre-existing research systems or archives.

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