Transcript: Preserving Obsolescence
Julia Christensen and Geoff Manaugh
February 20, 2018

Artist Julia Christensen and author Geoff Manaugh discuss how dynamic shifts in technology and user participation impact our buildings and infrastructure. The conversation will explore how networked culture changes the role of long-standing institutions like museums and universities and examine how society’s complex relationships with ubiquitous technology changes the way it interacts with these institutions and their associated buildings. The evening will conclude with a discussion on how institutions can keep pace with a contemporary rate of technological innovation.

Christensen is a current LACMA Art + Technology Lab grant recipient. Her project Upgrade Available investigates how we encode our personal electronics with our memory, legacy, and identity, and how that is reflected in upgrade culture. Geoff Manaugh writes about technology, architecture, and design, with a focus on how systems and spaces can be transformed by unexpected user activity.

CYBERMOTION Robot, LACMA, circa 1990
CYBERMOTION Robot, LACMA, circa 1990


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