Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome will leverage artificial intelligence, robotics, and sculpture to design a social humanoid robot and artist. Non-binary and non-racial, the robot will provide an opportunity to investigate the social implications of artificial intelligence with respect to rights and liberties, bias and inclusion, and safety and critical infrastructure. Newsome’s project is called Being

Being mock-up, image courtesy Rashaad Newsome Studio
Being mock-up, image courtesy Rashaad Newsome Studio


About the Artist

Rashaad Newsome is a multidisciplinary artist whose work blends several practices including collage, sculpture, film, music, computer programming, and performance, to form an altogether new field. He pulls intuitively from the world of advertising, the Internet, Black and Queer culture to produce counter-hegemonic works that use the diasporic traditions of improvisation and college, to craft compositions that walk the tightrope between intersectionality, social practice, and abstraction.

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