Ellipsoid Body
Sarah Rara

Sarah Rara is researching human navigation and how it is mediated by video images. In addition to working with the Lab’s advisory board, Rara is continuing her work with Caltech’s Dickinson Lab, where her research initially took shape. The project is called Ellipsoid Body, - a reference to a ring-shaped brain structure within fruit flies that is needed for navigation.

Fly Study #1, 2018. © Sarah Rara
Fly Study #1, 2018. © Sarah Rara


About the Artist

Sarah Rara’s multi-disciplinary
practice—including performance, writing, and video—explores the position of witness within fragile systems. Focusing on:

1. human-technology relationships
2. power, consumption, choice, accessibility, interpretation
3. states of readiness and attention
4. overlap of lyrical and empirical structures

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