Lukas Avendaño, EYIBRA (Abraham Brody), NNUX (Ana Lopez), and Oswaldo Erreve

Lukas Avendaño, EYIBRA (Abraham Brody), NNUX (Ana Lopez), and Oswaldo Erreve work with performance, virtual reality, and 3D video to express the multiple spiritual bodies based on the muxe identity of the Zapotec people of Mexico. Centered on the experience of Avendaño, a muxe artist, the group uses avatars to challenge gender norms in Western society. Brody, Avendaño, and Erreve’s project is called MUXX.

Lukas Avendaño, courtesy of the artist
Lukas Avendaño, courtesy of the artist


About the Artist

Lukas Avendaño is a performance artist, choreographer, and athropologist hailing from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca (Mexico). Lukas is also a 'Muxe', a third gender identity of the Zapotec people that predates colonisation and christianity.

EYIBRA (fka Abraham Brody) is reborn as an electronic-experimental project with the launch of their first lead single ISAAC, on April 16 2021. Co-produced by Mexican artist NNUX,ISAAC' explores and illuminates numerous theories that the biblical persona of the same name was in reality non-binary or transgender.

Nnux is the solo project of Mexican composer, producer and keyboard player Ana López-Reyes, who is based in Mexico City. Her music is based on the digital processing of samples from voices, acoustic instruments, everyday sounds, electronic beats and synthesizers. Influenced by experimental music, electronic music and pop, Nnux creates music that aims to be emotional and vulnerable while still being experimental and imaginative.

Oswaldo Erréve, a self-taught digital nomad with a dregree in photography, develops his work from a synergy with technology through multimedia tools to create projects with a transdisciplinary aura. With virtual reality, coding through artificial intelligence and 3D design, under a supernatural vision, Erréve’s graphic production generates contemplative visual responses about what reality would be like in an alternative simulation.

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