Neural Exchange
John Gerrard

Inspired by conversations with Lab technology advisors, John Gerrard researched neural networks, - a type of machine intelligence that mimics networks of neurons in the brain. The artist presented these artistic experiments in lecture form alongside the performance debut of a generated simulation. A publication featuring interviews with advisors from Google, NVIDIA and Hyundai relating to this powerful new computing form was also published in 2018.

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Image © John Gerrard
Image © John Gerrard


About the Artist

John Gerrard is an Irish artist, working in Dublin and Vienna, best known for his sculptures, which typically take the form of digital simulations displayed using Real-time computer graphics. His works concern themselves with the nature of contemporary power in the broadest sense, epitomising the structures of power and the networks of energy that characterized the massive expansion and intensification of human endeavour that took place during the twentieth century.

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