Radical Soft Robots
Eun Young Park

Eun Young Park is examining the artistic possibilities of “soft robotics,” -robots made with soft material including silicone, vinyl, fabric, and paper. Inspired by the use of inflatables by utopian artists of 1960’s, the project aims to produce prototypes that visitors can engage with. Park’s project is called Radical Soft Robots. 

LINKKI, 2016, © Eun Young Park
LINKKI, 2016, © Eun Young Park


About the Artist

Eun Young Park is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and researcher who enjoys working across disciplines of art, design and technology. Her projects include product design, new media installation, filmmaking and comic book drawing, and she hopes to continue working across genres and media as she believes “Everything connects”. Her work trajectory as an artist and designer, for example, the collaboration with the Tinkering Studio and the work experience as a concept designer in LEGO, reflects her interest appropriately in play and hands-on making.

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