Soulmate 180˚
Kirsten Mosher

Kirsten Mosher is working with satellite imagery, 3D printing and other design and fabrication technologies to connect and shift perspectives of antipodal sites on earth both sculpturally and sonically. Using humanity's long-held fascination with what lies on the opposite side of the earth as a point of departure, the artist explores the tension between what can be seen and what is imagined. Mosher's project is called Soul Mate 180°.

From Soulmate 180°. © Kirsten Mosher
From Soulmate 180°. © Kirsten Mosher


About the Artist

Kirsten Mosher is a visual artist engaged in video, writing, studio work and art in public places. Her work often documents the relationships between and beyond seemingly opposing spaces: inside/outside, private/public, natural/artificial. Her work takes place in hybrid spaces: a highway crashes into a kitchen; a road hits the interior of a gallery; and in her performance "Carmen," she crosses streets and parks as an amalgamation of human and car.

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