Fast Facts about NexGen

There are more than 200,000 members of the NexGen community! We are excited to have so many members and hope you will visit often.

What is NexGen?
Arts for NexGen LACMA is a free youth membership for anyone 17 years and younger. As NexGen members, kids and teens can make the museum a regular part of their lives. Visit the museum for free anytime and bring one adult guest for free general admission. Enroll in person at the museum or by mail

NexGen encourages making LACMA a regular part of kids’ lives. In making short visits often, the museum stays fresh and fun but also becomes a place of familiarity and comfort.

What is general admission?
General admission includes collection galleries and temporary exhibitions. Kids 17 & under are always free.

How much does NexGen cost?
Free to join; free to visit!

What’s the catch?
LACMA values families and the community. This is your museum—there is no catch.

Who can join?
Anyone ages 17 and under, including babies. 18 year olds and over can join LACMA at the right level, beginning at just $30 a year for students.

Even babies can join?
Yes! Life-long love of museums starts now.

How do we join?
Sign up on site or fill out this form with your child's name and date of birth. Include your address and email and we’ll send you invitations to NexGen programs. For children under 13, a parent or guardian signature is required.

How do we renew?
No need to renew. Membership is valid through age 18. For those over 18, Student or Individual level memberships provide even more benefits.

I lost my card!
No problem. Call the Education Department (323 857-6512), email, or get a new card at the Boone Children's Gallery.

But we don’t live in LA…
That’s okay! NexGen wants all children to feel welcome and a part of LACMA. Everyone is invited to join.

Can teens come by themselves?
Ask your parent or guardian—but kids ages 13 and older are allowed to be at the museum by themselves. Bring your friends!


  • Parking: the easiest parking for families is in the underground Pritzker Parking Garage on 6th Street at Ogden ($16) or street parking on 6th Street where the meters are free on Sundays!
  • Eating: Keep your energy up with lunch or a snack outside on the plaza or in the park. The LACMA Café has a kid’s menu.
  • Bathroom breaks: The best bathrooms for families are in the Ahmanson Building, Level 1 and the Art of the Americas Building, Level 2.
  • Tickets: NexGen members pick up their free tickets at any box office.

Before entering the galleries:

Talk about the rules.

  • We can’t touch the art. Touching art harms it; a safe distance is about one adult arm length away.
  • Photography, with no flash, is allowed in some galleries. Ask the gallery attendant first.
  • Drawing or writing with a pencil is allowed (not pen) and can be a fun in-gallery activity.
  • Talking about art is wonderful—using inside voices.
  • Walk. Save the running and jumping for the park!
  • Eating is only allowed outside. Have a snack on the plaza or grab something from Plaza Café.

Arts for NexGen LACMA is supported by The Eisner Foundation, The Employees Community Fund of Boeing, and The Claire and Theodore Morse Foundation.