LACMA Membership | Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about LACMA’s membership program, please read below.

Q: What does my membership gift support?
A: Your membership gift supports exhibitions, concerts, classes, free admission for kids, and community outreach programs. Members make all these things happen—thank you! Each year, members support:

  • Community outreach programs reaching more than 350,000 people
  • More than 1,900 free gallery tours for the general public
  • More than 60,000 tours for schoolchildren throughout the Los Angeles area
  • NexGen, our FREE membership program for kids seventeen and under
  • Free general admission for all on the second Tuesday of each month, and free general admission to L.A. County residents Monday through Friday after 3 pm (closed on Wednesday)
  • 43 free Family Sundays, reaching more than 18,000 kids and families
  • Conservation of more than 115,000 works in our collection
  • Evenings for Educators program and other professional development programs for teachers that help bring art into the classrooms
  • Our popular free Friday night Jazz at LACMA program
  • The Maya Mobile and Ancient World Mobile—our “art trucks” that travel to schools and teach more than 9,000 kids every year about art

Q: I just joined LACMA. What happens next?
A: First, you’ll receive a welcome email within about a week, which includes information about what’s on view and what’s coming soon, and instructions on how to download our Mobile Member Card app.
If you joined (or renewed) at the Friend level ($250) or above, you’ll receive an acknowledgement letter and a plastic card in the mail within a few weeks. Members at the Friend level and above receive a plastic card in order to enjoy reciprocal admission benefits at 24 museums nationwide. We do not issue plastic membership cards at the Student, Individual, or Dual membership levels—your Mobile Member Card app, or a photo ID, is all you need to visit the museum.

Q: What is the Mobile Member Card and how does it work?
A: The Mobile Member Card is a free app for LACMA members, designed to replace the traditional plastic membership card. You can learn more about how to download and activate the app here.

Q: How many membership cards do I get?
A: In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and direct more membership support to museum programs, we no longer issue plastic membership cards at the Student, Individual, and Dual levels. Members at these levels can check in at any Ticket Office with a photo ID or our new Mobile Member Card app.
At the Friend level or above, you will receive a plastic membership card. If you have specified a second member on your membership record, you will also receive a second card with their name on it. If you have not specified a secondary person, you will only receive one card, but you may still use benefits for yourself and a guest every time you visit the museum.

Q: I'm a Dual-level member or above. Can the second person on my membership visit without me? Can they bring a guest?
A: Your Dual-level ($110) or above membership grants admission for two people per day. If you are visiting the museum without the second person listed on your membership, you bring a guest for free. The second listed member may do the same if they are visiting and you are not present. In other words, a total of two people may visit LACMA for free, per day. If both people listed on a membership are visiting on the same day, and they are bringing guests, the guests will need to pay for admission. Members may purchase up to two discounted general admission tickets per visit.
If you have specified a secondary person on your membership, both of you may download and activate the Mobile Member Card app, and it will show both members’ names. If you have not specified a secondary person, your Mobile Member Card will only show your name, but you may still use benefits for yourself and a guest every time you visit the museum.
To specify a secondary member on your membership at the Dual level or above, please email Please note: we no longer issue "Guest of" membership cards.

Q: How many general admission guest passes do I receive with my membership and how do they work?
A: Friend-level ($250) members receive two general admission guest passes, Supporter-level ($600) members receive four, and Partner-level ($1,200) members receive six. They will be mailed to you in your welcome packet when you join or renew. Members must accompany their guests on visits.


Q: Does LACMA membership grant reciprocal admission benefits at any other museums?
A: Yes. At the Friend-level ($250) and above, you will receive admission benefits at 24 other museums nationwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Seattle Art Museum, and more. Learn more about reciprocal membership. 

Q: How do I update my contact information?
The fastest and easiest way to update your contact information is by emailing us at You may also call Membership Services at 323 857-6151 Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Q: How does the LACMA membership parking pass work?
A: Members at the Dual level ($110) and above (which includes Curator’s Circle) may purchase a LACMA membership parking pass for $80 at any LACMA Ticket Office or by calling 323 857-6010. With the parking pass, you can park one car for free whenever you visit LACMA during museum hours through the duration of your membership year. The LACMA parking lots are for LACMA visits only. Once you’ve purchased the pass, simply stop by the Ticket Office on your way to the galleries to get your free validation. Your details are in the system at the Ticket Office—there are no physical passes that you need to carry. Please note: the LACMA membership parking pass does not guarantee that a parking spot will be available.

Q: Is LACMA membership tax deductible?
A: Tax deductibility varies based on membership level and benefits. Here are the tax deductible amounts for each level:

Student ($30): $30
Individual ($60): $60
Dual ($110): $110
Friend ($250): $110
Supporter ($600): $380
Partner ($1,200): $850
Film Club ($50): $0
Parking Pass ($80): $0

Q: Why are some membership levels not tax deductible?
A: The IRS requires that we subtract the value of certain benefits from the full gift amount since the donor will receive benefits that have monetary value, such as guest passes, catalogues, and special events.

Q: What are Art Councils and how do I get involved?
A: LACMA's Art Councils have been essential to establishing the museum's reputation as a world-class arts institution. Over the course of the museum's short history, these councils—each supporting a specific curatorial department—have acquired or helped acquire nearly 5,000 works of art for the museum, including some of its most iconic masterpieces. Learn more about Art Councils.

Q: What is LACMA’s global arts travel program?
A: LACMA’s art councils have enjoyed travel with LACMA curators and staff for years, and we have expanded the program to include all members at the Partner level ($1,200) and above. You’ll travel in style to museums and private collections throughout the world, with experts in the field.

Q: What is the annual Summer Evening?
A: Summer Evening is a fun, casual, open house and barbeque for members at the Partner level and above. It takes place in August, and it is for the entire family.

Q: Can you describe the curator-guided tours a bit more?
A: There will be two curator-guided tours each year for Partner-level members. These tours will be led by LACMA curators and will give members an intimate view into special exhibitions at the museum.

Q: What is NexGen?
A: NexGen is a free youth membership for children 17 and under, created so kids and teens can make the museum a regular part of their lives. NexGen members may visit the museum for free and bring one adult guest for free general admission; NexGen members also receive discounts on studio classes and art camps, but do not receive a discount in the museum store. Museum store discounts are reserved for members at the Student level and above. Learn more about NexGen.

Q: How do I sign up for a Student membership?
A: Full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled in college are eligible for the student membership. Visit a Ticket Office and show proof of enrollment and provide your expected graduation date to join.